Announcing Fall 2020 Terry Emig Hero Spirit Award winner


Congratulations to Elizabeth Reece (representing MMI-Phoenix) –  winner of the Terry Emig Hero Spirit Award!


Image of Fall 2020 Emig Hero Spirit winner Elizabeth

“My passion to use these skills [I am learning] as a means to impact others, to encourage others, and to provide ways for others to gain fresh perspective and opportunity with their lives,” says Elizabeth, a student at Motorcycle Mechanics Institute.


A single mom and small business owner, Elizabeth reflected on the challenges she faced to get to where she is today, “I am not ashamed that I must work so hard in school, or that, at age fifty, I have begun a whole new career direction. I am driven to show my three daughters that in living this life each day with integrity, focus, faith, generosity and persistence, others will be motivated to live the same way.”


Elizabeth’s instructors credit her for her compassionate outlook on life, with one commenting, “[Elizabeth] is a gifted leader, outgoing, and has a great sense of humor which makes people of all walks of life feel appreciated and special. She has an especially big heart for the people in society who have been forgotten or pushed to the side. It is not easy being a single mother and a business owner! It takes a lot of strength and determination—two things [Elizabeth] certainly has!”


Elizabeth’s strength and compassion are also evident in her future career goals. When asked how she plans to use her technician education Elizabeth replied, “My plan is to be able to have a garage where I can teach and employ people coming out of broken life experiences. I thrive when I am able to encourage. I dream of the day I get to say ‘YES, I am a motorcycle mechanic but more importantly I am a person who knows success beyond difficulty and hardship.’ THIS is the message I will convey. I am PASSIONATE about helping the next struggling person along, about saying I DID IT AND I WILL HELP YOU DO IT, TOO.”


The Terry Emig Hero Spirit Award is awarded to a student who shares its namesake’s grace, integrity, kindness, generosity and service to others. In a group of highly worthy candidates, Elizabeth stood out as the candidate who truly honors Terry Emig’s Hero Spirit. Elizabeth will receive $8,500 tuition scholarship and $1,500 cash award. Two finalists were also selected to each receive a cash grant.


Congratulations, Elizabeth!


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Written by TechForce Foundation