75,900 Auto Technicians Needed

Previously, BLS projections showed an average annual new entrant demand of 23,720 auto technicians for the 2014-2024 period. TechForce’s report has revised that number to show demand for 75,900 for the 2016-2026 decade. The demand for collision and diesel technicians is similar. The newly projected BLS average annual new entrant demand of 28,300 diesel technicians far exceeds the previously projected demand of 7,690.

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Interstate Batteries Partners With TechForce Foundation

Interstate Batteries has officially signed on as a national corporate partner of TechForce Foundation’s FutureTech Success℠ campaign, an industry-wide initiative to drive tomorrow’s workforce of qualified technicians. Jennifer Maher, TechForce Foundation’s CEO, met with Tom Gray, VP of Marketing for Interstate Batteries, and his marketing team last Friday in Dallas to sign the sponsorship agreement.

Interstate Batteries joins an impressive list of corporate partners, including Advance Auto Parts, Autoshop Solutions, Bridgestone, General Motors, Nissan North America, Snap-on, Shell Lubricants, S/P2, Sunstate Equipment, Universal Technical Institute, and WheelTime, each aligning their brands to support the technician profession, and to champion those who love to work with their hands. Welcome, Interstate Batteries!

The FutureTech Success Campaign

Above is a message from Jennifer Maher | CEO & Executive Director

What does a rapidly shrinking workforce mean for a booming industry rooted in the fast paced world of cutting-edge technology? The perfect storm is afoot. This is exactly the catastrophe staring down the world of transportation tech. With seasoned technicians retiring at an astounding rate, there are simply not enough individuals trained and ready to take their place.

The Challenge: 

The transportation industry faces a critical shortage of trained technicians needed to fulfill the workforce demand.

The Solution:

Fuel an industry wide marketing campaign to:

  1. Reposition the image of the technician.
  2. Provide experiential opportunities for middle school & high school students
  3. Connect the passion and sense of purpose of students who discover they love working with their hands and are excited to pursue a technical education.

Read the flipbook above for more details.

Autoshop Solutions to Build FutureTech Successsm Website

Autoshop Solutions to Build FutureTech Successsm  Website, Adding Fuel to TechForce Foundation’s Campaign

Autoshop Solutions has donated a generous $50,000 in in-kind services to TechForce Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit purposed with supporting technical students to and through their education and into careers in the transportation industry, toward building a website to serve the FutureTech Success sm  campaign.

TechForce Foundation has been working tirelessly to build momentum on FutureTech Success sm , an industry wide initiative to fuel the pipeline of future technicians by modernizing the image of the profession, giving middle and high school students and their parents and influencers the resources to recognize and foster tactile intelligence and providing a central industry hub of information, resources and best practices.

Through FutureTech Success sm , a vast array of features will be made available to prospective and current tech students, their parents and influencers, and industry insiders. In order to be effective in conveying the message of FutureTech Success sm , TechForce needs to able to connect its audience to its multitude of resources in a straightforward, engaging manner.

“We have impressive content, now it’s time for an equally impressive website on which to present it,” explains Jennifer Maher, CEO of TechForce Foundation. “The initiative requires a modern, functional site designed to seamlessly blend innovation and usability—and no one is better suited for the task than one of the industry’s leading web design and internet marketing agencies, Autoshop Solutions.”

Autoshop Solutions knows the online component of the automotive industry inside and out, having been a major industry player for nearly as long as the internet itself has been around. What started out as a humble consulting firm has turned into a full marketing and web design dynasty, earning the company industry-wide acclaim and a six year reign on the Auto Inc. Top Ten Best Websites Awards list.

TechForce strongly believes that FutureTech Success sm has the potential to be a major game-changer regarding the industry wide technician shortage, but in order to have the massive impact expected of it, the initiative needs the right tools. Through the marriage of Autoshop Solutions’ web design and internet marketing expertise and TechForce Foundation’s industry information, resources and connections, the FutureTech Success sm website is poised to be the central hub the industry needs to find its way out of the current technician shortage.

“Everyone goes to the internet for everything—it’s the main information hub,” says Margaret Klemmer, Chief Business Development Officer for Autoshop Solutions. “FutureTech Success sm is poised to do great things, but in order to gain serious traction in our media-heavy society, a clean, well-organized, exciting website is essential,” she continued.

Autoshop Solutions’ generous donation not only allows TechForce the aesthetic, effective website essential in promoting FutureTech Success sm , but it also frees up the money that would have otherwise gone to building the site to be used instead for other technician support. Working with one of the best in any field can often be an expensive endeavour, but Autoshop Solutions refused to let money be a roadblock for the Foundation, offering up its very best in service to the industry.

TechForce Foundation is proud to partner with the industry’s preeminent web design and internet marketing provider, Autoshop Solutions, to create the FutureTech Success sm website and further its missions to fuel the pipeline of future technicians in order to bring about a brighter future for the transportation industry.

About TechForce Foundation

TechForce Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) with the mission to champion students to and through their technical education and into careers as professional technicians for the transportation industry. TechForce Foundation  awards roughly $1.5 million in scholarships and grants annually to students facing financial hardship so they may obtain their post-secondary technical education. Additionally, TechForce leads the FutureTech Success sm , campaign, an industry-wide initiative to drive tomorrow’s workforce of technicians by inspiring, supporting and connecting middle- and high-school students and their influencers with the resources to support their technical education and career development. For more information visit www.techforce.org.

About Autoshop Solutions

Autoshop Solutions is the industry’s leading website design and internet marketing agency. Since 2005, Autoshop Solutions has been known as the expert in automotive internet marketing, helping shop owners grow their businesses by marketing-by-the-numbers through a tested, tracked and developed program guaranteed to improve online presence and drive more cars to

ASE Challenges Students and Parents to Rethink Overlooking Technician Careers

 “…unlike many high-tech careers that require four, six, or even eight years of college, automotive technology careers can begin after just two years of education. As with any career, lifelong learning and continuing education is necessary, but the simple fact is, students in automotive technology can get out into the real world sooner – and with less college debt.”

Jobs in automotive technology bring together two qualities that can be very difficult to find in a career; they are high-tech and accessible. Read more of Don’t Overlook Automotive Technology as a High-Tech Career Path, published by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), to discover how automotive technology provides a world of opportunity to pursue high-tech, stable career paths.

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"By connecting students, instructors, industry pros and working techs, the TechForce Foundation provides unilateral support to the transportation industry’s technician recruiting needs… The administration of our Scholarships by the TechForce team has been instrumental in delivering us with a successful method to gain interest from qualified candidates as well as provide our students with additional assistance to complete their education."
Tony Farr
Ford Technical Programs Manager