The FutureTech Success Campaign

Above is a message from Jennifer Maher | CEO & Executive Director

What does a rapidly shrinking workforce mean for a booming industry rooted in the fast paced world of cutting-edge technology? The perfect storm is afoot. This is exactly the catastrophe staring down the world of transportation tech. With seasoned technicians retiring at an astounding rate, there are simply not enough individuals trained and ready to take their place.

The Challenge: 

The transportation industry faces a critical shortage of trained technicians needed to fulfill the workforce demand.

The Solution:

Fuel an industry wide marketing campaign to:

  1. Reposition the image of the technician.
  2. Provide experiential opportunities for middle school & high school students
  3. Connect the passion and sense of purpose of students who discover they love working with their hands and are excited to pursue a technical education.

Read the flipbook above for more details.

Written by Developer Autoshop

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