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The channel through which TechForce delivers its mission

Who better than a nonprofit to serve as the “hub” for all the resources students and working techs need to advance their education and technician careers?

TechForce is an online community and career hub that connects GenZ and Millennials in a way they want to connect – using the TechForce app or online network to find information, explore the career, discover schools, get scholarships, find apprenticeships and jobs, and flex their talents – all in one place.  TechForce collaborates with every willing school, company, association, and nonprofit across all sectors to identify solutions that help future and working techs navigate the career pathway, successfully getting them from pipeline to placement.

TechForce strives to be the champion of all technicians. #RespectTechs

Network Users

TechForce is a network of students, working technicians, industry leaders, schools and companies. Whether it is auto, aviation, collision, diesel, marine, motorcycle, motorsports, restoration, welding or evolving technologies, all technicians are welcome!

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Free mechanic

Free eTraining

Learn how to super drain your cooling system, change your brake pads and rotors, or interview for a technician job. TechForce trainings are always free.

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Free Event Tickets

TechForce provides students & instructors with free, VIP access to races, rallies, shows, & events where they’ll meet employers & be surrounded by the passion of the industry

Scholarship Check


TechForce receives 4,000+ applications each year and awards millions to financially-struggling students pursuing their technical education and technician careers.

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Trivia & Contests

TechForce engages GenZ in its gamified, career network, enabling future and working techs to flex their knowledge and skills in trivia, contests, leaderboards and prizes.

UTI | Career Hub | Workforce |TechForce

Career Hub

TechForce helps future and working techs find apprenticeships, part-time jobs while in school, and full-time technician jobs that match both skillsets and desired work environments.

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The Garage

Keep up with the latest news, blogs, and all student and working technician-related happenings.

Schools: Get a Complimentary
Listing in TechForce

Help Students Thrive

You are invested in your students and want them to succeed. But it’s a lot to find internships, apprenticeships, guest speakers, field trips, scholarships, and advisory committee members… all while teaching. Whew! Let the nonprofit TechForce be your right-hand partner. We’re a free resource because it’s our charitable mission to help tech students and instructors thrive.

Attract Future Students

Ensure prospective students know your school offers a career & technical education (CTE) program by listing it in TechForce. Listings are free and include school info, accreditations, curriculum, multi-media, events and a location mapper.

Compete Against Other Schools

All users can select a school to represent with their points. See where your school lands on the leaderboard!

Add Your School

If you want to add your school to TechForce and get involved, fill out the form, and we will contact you.

Companies: Invest in Success

TechForce Foundation is the only nonprofit 501(c)(3) committed exclusively to career exploration and workforce development for technician professionals across all sectors (auto, aviation, collision, diesel, marine, motorcycle, motorsports, restoration, welding and evolving technologies).

Added Benefits TechForce Offers our Donors

You cannot buy an ad, a listing or a job post in TechForce. We’re a nonprofit. We seek donations from small businesses, brands and corporations interested in investing in future techs, helping them get a technical education and become workforce-ready. These donors, our “TechForce Champions”, are leaders in respecting and helping the technician workforce to thrive. 

TechForce invites every company, big and small, from every sector that relies on technicians to join us. The tech shortage is real, and those who do desire to work in this profession need your help!

“TechForce Champions”, those investing in the success of future techs and our mission, receive various donor recognition including, but not limited to

  • Listing as a national TechForce donor
  • Industry Profile in the TechForce Network
  • Ability to post qualified technician jobs
  • Ability for technicians to apply direct to you
  • Local introductions and relationships with schools
  • Posts of your company-sponsored events
  • Offer to host free eLearning for students
  • Submission of trivia, contests and prize offerings
  • Rights to use the TechForce Champion badge 
  • Invitation to annual partner summit
  • …and more.

Career Hub for Apprenticeships & Jobs

The Career Hub in TechForce enables students and working techs to find apprenticeships, part-time jobs while in school and full-time technician jobs.  TechForce Champions post jobs, and interested technicians can ping them directly, if interested. This is not a job board but one more tool offered by TechForce to help students and working techs enjoy satisfying and thriving technician careers.

Better matches upfront lead to increased retention.

Be a TechForce Champion

While it’s free for individuals and schools to add a profile, only companies that are donors to the TechForce mission and students’ success are recognized in the Industry and Career Hub sections. This ensures techs know which companies truly invest in the future of techs.

Interested?  Contact us using this form and we’ll call you back within 48 hours. Also, check out our “Get Involved” page for more information. 

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We are Auto Diesel Marine Aviation Motorsport

TechForce FAQs

TechForce officially launched in January 2021 and the Career Hub feature was added in July 2021. How many users are in the Network is an answer that changes every day, as we work with schools, nonprofits and industry partners to get the word out about its offerings. Students, instructors and school staff, working techs, industry professionals and enthusiasts/hobbyists are all welcome. 

TechForce is a constant work-in-progress. New features are constantly being added and refreshed.

Currently, TechForce is both a Cloud-based, proprietary platform that is bundled into our website, but stands on its own as a robust, user experience database. It can be accessed via computer, smartphone or tablet and is completely responsive. We also launched the TechForce mobile app in June 2022 and is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

No, as a nonprofit organization, we do not allow advertising, pay-for-clicks or any commercial promotions in TechForce. We never sell our user database to anyone.

We do recognize the donors, companies, foundations that provide financial support for the TechForce mission and the constituents whom we serve by allowing them to tell their story, underwrite our programs and services, and present opportunities that advance the training and employment of professional technicians.

Become a TechForce Champion by donating to our mission and helping solve the technician shortage by authentically supporting students’ career exploration, technical education and workforce development! Contact Jennifer Maher at if you wish to donate or craft a win/win strategic alliance.

No. Industry professionals may create a user profile in TechForce to play trivia, answer poll questions, participate in contests, partake in eLearning, submit events they’re aware of, and offer to volunteer for TechForce. Should an individual be found recruiting or directly messaging users with the intention of soliciting employment, their profile will be blocked and disabled. TechForce reserves the right to discontinue any users profile for any reason, including soliciting or recruiting. If you wish to speak with users about jobs, have your company become a TechForce Champion and utilize the Career Hub features.

You can promote TechForce through social media, digital engagement, marketing and video storytelling. Please refer to our website at and under the Resource section choose Marketing to download free marketing assets, including QR codes, PowerPoint Slides, banner ads and eBlasts to promote TechForce to your audiences. Thanks for spreading the word!!

Techforce Foundation

TechForce Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission to champion all students to and through their education and into careers as professional technicians. 

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"By connecting students, instructors, industry pros and working techs, the TechForce Foundation provides unilateral support to the transportation industry’s technician recruiting needs… The administration of our Scholarships by the TechForce team has been instrumental in delivering us with a successful method to gain interest from qualified candidates as well as provide our students with additional assistance to complete their education."
Tony Farr
Ford Technical Programs Manager