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Meet the Recipients of TechForce Foundation’s AMSOIL Scholarships

Thank you, AMSOIL, for your support for future technicians!



Madeline, recipient of an AMSOIL scholarship and recent marine technology graduate

Madeline says, “I love living on the Gulf, and I have always been passionate about working with my hands. In high school I went to a tech school and loved every minute of it. My dream job is to become a Marine Mechanic. After I finish the Marine Program at MMI, I plan to go on to get my Captains license and scuba license.”

Even though Madeline knew this was her passion, starting out at MMI was a challenge.  “I came into this program far behind others. While my classmates partied and visited their family and friends on the weekends, I spent countless hours at the Library on YouTube, self-learning in order to catch up. I broke down often and questioned my ability to succeed. With the encouragement of my family and friends, I chose not to quit no matter how discouraged I became.”   Madeline passes that supportive encouragement forward in service to others.  “I have over 100+ hours in Community Service at Heritage House Ministries. HH is a non-profit group home for at risk teens. I grew up in foster care at this very same home and enjoy giving back to the place that protected me as a young girl.”

Madeline’s job requires her to drive around and deliver notices which mean taking the bus is not an option. “I recently started having issues with my car, and was later told I needed a new transmission. I live about 15 miles from my school and my work, and have to leave my house as early as 5am. If I don’t fix my car, I wouldn’t be able to keep my job and stay in school. The cost of diagnosing and replacing my transmission is more than I can afford. My financial instability is not because I am living outside of my means or not working. I am looking for help to ensure I can continue to work and stay in school.”

Upon hearing she would receive assistance from the AMSOIL “Life Happens” Grant she felt like “huge weight has been lifted.”  Madeline says, “I am greatly looking forward to focusing on school and being able to breathe again! Thank you for being so kind and for helping me out!”



Garnik’s dream career is to be an engineer.  “That’s my dream and I will, and I am, working to make my dream reality with my friends and with the good people who care about others.”

Garnik grew up in Armenia. When he was teenager, he started to be interested in cars. “I was around sixteen years old when I started to disassemble my first car’s engine. It was tough for me, but with my dad’s friend’s help I reassembled the engine and ran it.” He’s had some obstacles, but his biggest was dealing with a new environment. “For me it was really tough, when I came to the United States. It was almost three years ago. I came alone, just left my whole family and came from the other side of the world. Believe me; it’s very difficult to start life alone without knowing the language of the country where you live. I got into the automotive business but nobody wanted to work with me because it’s hard to work with beginners. I was [frequently] ignored and pushed away, and my questions were unanswered. [However, I eventually began to learn from] the technicians and master [techs] with whom I used to work. As time was passed my work was got their attention. Eventually they understood that I’m a guy who really loves working with engines and electric components, they started becoming friendlier and taught me more. I’m really proud of myself. Now I can socialize with people, I can write and read in English, I can do what I love and make some money [while doing it].”

Garnik left automotive to get into the Marine industry. “It seems more interesting to me, more fun and there are different things to learn.”  He left his job to concentrate on his Marine classes when he had a setback: “I need financial help for my car which has a coolant leak… I want to finish school, I [only] have 10 weeks left… [but I need] help to stop [my car’s] radiator leak… this is my last hope.” With the support of the AMSOIL “Life Happens” Grant, Garnik was able to overcome the obstacle, and successfully graduate from his program.


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