Announcing Winter 2019 Brienne Davis Memorial Scholarship Award Winners

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Meet the Fall 2019 recipients of the
Brienne Davis Memorial Scholarship

Scottsdale, Ariz – January 14, 2020 – NASCAR Technical Institute students Genna Dalrymple and Empriss Garrett have been named as the Fall/Winter 2019 recipients of TechForce Foundation’s Brienne Davis Memorial Scholarship. Awarded in memory of NASCAR official Brienne Davis, this $10,000 scholarship supports female students with financial need and a passion for the industry.


About Genna Dalrymple (NASCAR Technical Institute)

Described by a Dean of Students as “remarkable” and possessing great “grace and maturity,” Genna is looking for a career where she can be independent, competent, and professional, and help her family and friends. Combine this with a lifetime of family get-togethers where NASCAR races were “prioritized over homemade mashed potatoes” and it’s not surprising to find her at NASCAR Technical Institute where she’s currently taking Automotive Technology with NASCAR Engines I & II.

In her own words: “I can appreciate the team and effort that it takes to get the car on the track, as well as the individual’s control of the car under such extreme conditions. I also think the history of NASCAR is captivating, how it has evolved to make it what it is today.”


About Empriss Garrett (UTI-Long Beach/ NASCAR Technical Institute)

Like Genna, Empriss, too, comes from a ‘car family’. She says, “My grandfather worked for GM for 25 years, and I remember all the exciting stories my mother told me about him. He modified different cars that he received from the GM factory. I would fantasize about how the cars would run and look. When I was 16 yrs. old and looking for my first car, my mother encouraged me to pick a car that I could modify and race. I thought she was joking, but she wasn’t! She was opening the door to a life-changing moment. I would say that was when I began this love affair with cars.”Having completed her Automotive Technology core program at UTI-Long Beach, Empriss has relocated across the country to complete her training with the NASCAR elective/Pit Crew.

In her own words: “My dream career is to be the top-ranked female race car driver in NASCAR, FORMULA 1 Competitions, and NHRA industry. I’m passionate about cars, which is why I decided to attend UTI. I’ve always planned to attend the NASCAR Program, but after completing all of my classes, I’m for sure that is what I was born to do.”

“My goal is to have my own all-female race team and I want to help develop strong entrepreneurial leaders within the industry. I want to lead by example and show women we can be successful in a male dominated industry. Being that I was the only female in my (core program) graduating class, I’m setting new standards of what women can achieve and we are breaking new grounds every day. If one woman sees my journey and is inspired I feel as though I am fulfilling my personal mission.”

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