TechForce Foundation announces Partnership with Interstate Batteries


TechForce Foundation announces Partnership with Interstate Batteries


For years, society has pushed that a university education is the only path to a successful career. This messaging steered students away from exploring trade careers—such as automotive technicians and electricians—leaving most to view these jobs as undesirable with no future. But this is not the case.

The U.S. is home to the second largest passenger vehicle market in the world. These vehicles are highly sophisticated, typically outfitted with over 100 million lines of code and thousands of parts. In addition, they are on average 11.5 years old. Because vehicles are now more complicated and staying on the road longer, the auto repair industry is set for massive growth. Coupled with an aging technician population, this occupation has high earning potential and almost guaranteed job security for those entering the field.

Interstate Batteries is playing a part in changing this narrative by signing on as a main sponsor of the FutureTech SuccessSM campaign, in cooperation with the TechForce Foundation. The campaign’s goal is to eliminate the stereotype of the “grease-monkey mechanic,” by encouraging and providing opportunities for young people to explore and tinker, while informing parents and influencers of the career potential in the transportation industry. By supporting FutureTech Success, Interstate Batteries is championing the technicians of tomorrow.

“This is an issue that affects everyone in our industry,” said Tom Gray, vice president of marketing, Interstate Batteries. “We’ve been wanting to take action for some time and TechForce Foundation has the right message, tools and caliber partners to help us make that difference.”

Interstate Batteries’ contribution to FutureTech Success will help fund marketing campaigns and grassroots projects that will inspire young people to learn more about this industry. The donation will also provide resources for parents, schools and other influencers to help identify young person’s natural tactile intelligence, which translates to some of the skills necessary to be a technician.

With the support of its corporate and association sponsors, such as Interstate Batteries, Nissan, Pennzoil, and General Motors, TechForce Foundation seeks to enact great change, unifying the transportation industry to encourage young, tactile-minded individuals to consider the industry for what it truly is: innovative, exciting and filled with opportunity.

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About TechForce Foundation
TechForce Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), with the mission to champion students to and through their technical education and into careers as professional technicians for the transportation industry. TechForce Foundation awards more than $1 million in scholarships and grants annually to students facing financial hardship so they may obtain their post-secondary technical education. Additionally, TechForce leads the FutureTech SuccessSM campaign, an industry-wide initiative to drive tomorrow’s workforce of technicians by inspiring, supporting and connecting middle- and high-school students and their influencers with the resources to support their technical education and career development. For more information visit

About Interstate Batteries
For more than 65 years, Interstate Batteries® has powered people down roads, trails and waterways and businesses to succeed. Best known for its starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries, this product has been under car hoods since 1952, each one backed by the company’s service, quality and value. Interstate PowerCare® offers premier products and technical expertise for all critical motive power needs, while Interstate All Battery Center® provides portable power in both retail and commercial markets. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Interstate Batteries is an industry leader in recycling efforts, as well as a global leader in safe lead handling practices. Guided by a set of common values, the company’s purpose is to glorify God and enrich lives while delivering the most trustworthy source of power to the world. For more information, visit

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