TechForce Foundation Launches “Grab the Wheel” Campaign for Future Techs

Steering Futures: TechForce Foundation Launches "Grab the Wheel" Campaign for Future Techs

New initiative aims to accelerate the next generation of skilled technicians

August 30, 2023  PHOENIX — As Labor Day approaches, honoring the perseverance and dedication of workers, TechForce Foundation proudly initiates the “Grab the Wheel” campaign,  a crucial effort to help young people find a technical education and career that fits.

“Too many students are being forced down the 4-year university path, which may not be the best fit for them. For those who love problem solving, working with their hands, and the rising technology enveloping the transportation (AKA: mobility) sector today, a technical education and skilled technician career can be wonderfully rewarding,” explains Jennifer Maher, CEO of TechForce Foundation, a national nonprofit 501(c)(3).

With a clear objective to inspire the next generation of technicians who will keep America rolling, this campaign zeroes in on students aged 13-24 who are still considering what they want to be when they grow up. “They’re looking for options, freedom, and a chance to design their lives the way they’re wired to work,” explains Angie Babin, Chair of the TechForce Foundation board of directors. “These young individuals are at a pivotal stage, eager to identify a path that merges their personal inclinations with prosperous futures. That’s why we’re encouraging them to ‘Grab the Wheel,’ explore their options, and consider the tech profession.”

Six hands grasping a steering wheel. The steering wheel is disconnected from any vehicle, and held by the hands over a light blue surface.

“It’s about helping them connect their unique strengths and passions to meaningful work that makes them happy and fulfilled. GenZ’s motto is ‘You Be You,’ and we agree,” affirms Maher. “If you don’t want to sit at a desk the rest of your life, sign up for four more years of academia, or just love engines and making things work, you can go further, faster with a tech career.”

The campaign will have its presence felt all year, with launch efforts coinciding with Labor Day. The ambition is clear: welcome one million new entry-level technicians over the next five years to meet a pressing workforce demand. Whether students are excited by auto, collision, aviation, diesel, EV, motorsports, or welding, techs are in high demand across all sectors.

“Labor Day is a stark reminder of the essential role technicians play. If your car started today, thank a tech. If your airplane arrived safely, thank a tech. These are the individuals who ensure continuity in our everyday lives. By rallying together, we can ensure a future where technology and transport remain resilient,” adds Maher. 

TechForce Foundation calls on everyone to help amplify the message on Labor Day, September 4, 2023, by using social media channels to like, comment, or share “Grab the Wheel” content, ensuring the essence of the campaign reaches its intended audience. To learn more about the “Grab the Wheel” campaign or to donate to TechForce’s charitable mission, please visit

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