Student Pursues Passion with Support from TechForce Ambassador Program


Student Pursues His Passion, with Support from TechForce Foundation®


Andrew’s dream career is to build custom motorcycles. He stumbled across his passion while growing up in Northern Idaho. Like many future technicians Andrew tinkered with machines, pulling apart dirt bikes to repair them, or just to see how things worked.


“I can finally say that I am fully
passionate about my career.”

Over the years Andrew kept his passion alive as a hobby. He worked on dirt bikes and motorcycles in his free time, but it was not until he found himself feeling stuck in his desk job that Andrew decided to make the switch to a career he is passionate about.


Andrew initially looked into a more traditional four-year education, but found that classroom learning was not for him. In his own words, Andrew is “a very hands on learner”. Through a stroke of luck, Andrew learned of technical school from a good friend, while helping them work on their motorcycle. Since that day Andrew has not looked back.


Andrew is currently enrolled at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, and feels very optimistic about his future prospects, “Having my degree will open many doors down the road, and I can finally say that I am fully passionate about my career.”


Congratulations to Andrew for being awarded a $3,000 tuition scholarship and for being accepted into the TechForce Ambassador program. TechForce Foundation is proud to support Andrew’s technical education in pursuit of his passion and future career.


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