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Keep Learning… #Because I’m a Tech

Rising Technicians, a Tip for Success: Keep Learning by Scott Miller, President & CEO, Interstate Batteries   The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the United States needs at least 120,000 new transportation technicians each year just to meet demand.   The automotive aftermarket is a $277B industry, growing since 2010 and predicted to continue. It’s

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How Hands-On Learners Thrive as Transportation Techs

  How Hands-On Learners Thrive as Transportation Techs TechForce Foundation’s “Be A Pathfinder” campaign illuminates learning styles   SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — January 19, 2021 — The arrival of the new year means new decisions for students planning their futures. Although the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has thrown many students’ career plans for a loop, the increased time

Announcing Fall 2020 Terry Emig Hero Spirit Award winner

  Congratulations to Elizabeth Reece (representing MMI-Phoenix) –  winner of the Terry Emig Hero Spirit Award!   “My passion to use these skills [I am learning] as a means to impact others, to encourage others, and to provide ways for others to gain fresh perspective and opportunity with their lives,” says Elizabeth, a student at

Announcing Roger Penske Outstanding Student Award winner

  Congratulations to Joel McCallister (representing UTI-Orlando) –  winner of the Roger Penske Outstanding Student Award!   “From my very first class at UTI, I have done my very best in all things. And for this reason, I have excelled,” writes Joel.  Joel is newly-graduated, having earned 19 Student of the Course awards during his Automotive & Diesel

TechForce releases 2020 Technician Supply & Demand Report

TechForce Report Reveals Demand for Vehicle Technicians Continues to Outpace Supply by Nearly 3 to 1 Overall Gap in Supply and Demand of Transportation Technicians Continues to Grow Despite Slight Uptick in Diesel Certifications   SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — August 31, 2020 — TechForce Foundation® has released its 2020 Transportation Technician Supply & Demand Report, that

Covid Pandemic Highlights Value of Transportation Techs

Covid Pandemic Highlights Value of Transportation Techs The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered many preconceived notions about careers and technology. In particular, demand for transportation technicians is surging as the government has declared transportation technicians (mechanics) to be essential workers. However, many people, including students contemplating future options and individuals contemplating career changes, are unaware of

Meet the inspiring students receiving the Justin Beutel Memorial Scholarship

Meet the inspiring students receiving the Justin Beutel Memorial Scholarship Scottsdale, Ariz – August 24, 2020 – TechForce Foundation has the privilege to award the Justin Beutel Memorial Scholarship to qualified, dedicated and passionate motorcycle technician students. The two students recently selected to receive the award both show strong dedication to their education and exhibit

“Preserve the Passion” Unveiled by America’s Automotive Trust and Its Partner Charities

America’s Automotive Trust and Its Partner Charities Unveil “Preserve the Passion℠” National initiative aims to preserve and evolve car culture, community, and careers across the country.   TACOMA, Wash. (August 4, 2020) — America’s Automotive Trust and its partner organizations have unveiled a new movement aimed at preserving and evolving car culture throughout the North

INTERVIEW: TechForce on ‘Let’s Talk Wheels’ Radio Show June 20, 2020

  Let’s Talk Wheels: Mike Pressendo (June 20, 2020) On June 20, 2020 TechForce Chief Marketing & Officer Mike Pressendo joined host Mike Herzing for an interview on the ‘Let’s Talk Wheels’ Radio Show and podcast. The interview covered the technician shortage, opportunities for technicians and stories about students who found success in their technical

2020 FutureTechs Rock Grand Prize winner announced

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TechForce Announces 2020 FutureTechs Rock Grand Prize Winner – Griffin Howland Nine transportation technician students recognized for outstanding contributions as role models at school and in their communities. April 14, 2020 – SCOTTSDALE, AZ — TechForce Foundation announces the 2020 FutureTechs Rock Awards Grand Prize Winner is Griffin Howland, a senior in high

2020 FutureTechs Rock public vote now open

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TechForce Foundation Announces 2020 Finalists and Opens Public Grand Prize Vote NINE TRANSPORTATION TECHNICIAN STUDENTS RECOGNIZED FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS AS ROLE MODELS AT SCHOOL AND IN THEIR COMMUNITIES April 7, 2020 – SCOTTSDALE, AZ — TechForce Foundation announces the finalists for the 2020 FutureTechs Rock Awards and opens the Grand Prize public