Meet the inspiring students receiving the Justin Beutel Memorial Scholarship

Meet the inspiring students receiving the Justin Beutel Memorial Scholarship

Scottsdale, Ariz – August 24, 2020 – TechForce Foundation has the privilege to award the Justin Beutel Memorial Scholarship to qualified, dedicated and passionate motorcycle technician students. The two students recently selected to receive the award both show strong dedication to their education and exhibit exceptional drive and tenacity.

Congratulations to Jazmine (left) and Elizabeth (right), students at Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, Arizona! Both women show a passion for, and commitment to, their motorcycle technician training, having exhibited great persistence to pursue their education.

Scholarship recipients Jazmine and Elizabeth stand in a motorcycle technician classroom on either side of a white motorcycle.

A shared dream

We asked Jazmine and Elizabeth what their dream technician careers would look like. From their answers, we found they have more in common than simply their interest in motorcycles.

Jazmine writes, “I have always had an interest in the ’Investigate and Resolve’ aspect of my career. I have a passion for motorcycles and have been riding one for over 5 years. My dream career would be to own an all-female operating motorcycle shop.”

Elizabeth shares Jazmine’s dream of owning her own shop, “My dream career is owning a motorcycle garage where I service motorcycles and I train others to do the same and to learn the methods of business… in this garage I will have the ability to train people who are recovering from addiction, or perhaps have been in prison. In addition, this garage will have a “hang-out” space. As my business grows, I will invest back into tech schools, to see other people receive training.”

Jasmine and Elizabeth’s shared dream of owning their own shop reflects the spirit of the Award’s namesake, Harley Davidson Master Mechanic Justin Beutel. In 2018 Justin’s life was tragically ended by an intruder on his family’s property, only a few short months after achieving his dream of founding a motorcycle shop of his own. Although he is deeply missed, Justin is remembered by those who loved him through this award.

Getting to know the winners: Jazmine

Scholarship recipient Jazmine stands in a motorcycle technician classroom next to a white motorcycle.Jazmine is very tenacious. “My rule of thumb when working is to do what I can, when I can, while I can. Every job is important no matter how small. I always have a “can-do” attitude towards completing my work and take pride in my work ethic.”

Her “do-what-I-can” attitude applies to her community as well. “I make it a point to be kind, respectful, compassionate and empathetic towards all that I come across. I have always been an active volunteer for The Humane Society, Operation Kindness, and Meals on Wheels,” she writes.

Jazmine is committed to her education. It is the promise of charting her own course that keeps her motivated, “Between school and work I am pulling in around 75 hours per week. It’s exhausting and sometimes I wonder ‘Why am I doing this at all?’ especially during a pandemic. But I do it because I know I am working towards something… I am in the point in my life where I know what I want to do, where I want to be, and who I want to be. I continue every day to hustle, do my best and make sure that all the sacrifices I’ve made to get me where I am, will have not been made in vain.”

Getting to know the winners: Elizabeth

Scholarship recipient Elizabeth stands in a motorcycle technician classroom next to a white motorcycle.Elizabeth is a strong advocate for trade careers, and she leads by example. Her outlook on life has been shaped by experience, “It has been my life experience that hard work, honesty and reliability are the means to success. Learning a trade presents the opportunity to contribute to society and to generate income without acquiring great debt. I have children whom I have taught to work in order to afford the things that they want. I have been successful in supporting my children through hard work and am excited to add another trade to that foundation… hard labor is good for the soul, and completing physical tasks is therapeutic, building confidence and self-esteem.”

In addition to school and work, Elizabeth also volunteers time to support her community. “I’ve done community service with Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. I helped start an unconventional church and serve food weekly, while also providing emotional support to members. I also volunteer in my daughters’ schools, helping to chaperone.”

The recent pandemic has not changed Elizabeth’s drive, “It is very important to continue even through such hard and unpredictable events. I am sending a very strong and very clear message to my three daughters and classmates – CONTINUE ON, within reason and with careful consideration, do not quit, do not stop. This is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I will view this as a success if I have uplifted those around me as I have moved forward.”

The Award

Congratulations again to Jazmine and Elizabeth on their selection to receive the Justin Beutel Memorial Scholarship! The funds awarded to each student will help with the costs of pursuing their motorcycle technician training.

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