Living the Dream: Journey of My Technical Career Magazine

As part of FutureTech Success, TechForce Foundation’s campaign to fuel the pipeline of future technicians, TechForce has published a digital magazine featuring stories from individuals who have “Been There, Done That” and found success in the transportation industry.

Long gone are the days of the “grease monkey” technician. Today’s technicians have to be well-versed in the most cutting edge technology out there, and a career as a technician is a great launch point into almost every aspect of the industry. Transportation technicians are not in a one track career. The opportunities are endless—but don’t just take our word for it. Read real-life stories, straight from the individuals who have had the chance to experience the rapidly changing and innovative world of transportation tech, to see the vast array of titles, responsibilities, and pathways available in the field.

Visit the FutureTech Success microsite to read Living The Dream: Journey of My Technical Career, updated periodically with new stories to provide fresh perspectives and information to individuals looking to pursue careers in transportation tech. Maybe you’ll see a friend, a child, a student, or even yourself in one of these stories.

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