Automotive Technicians Are Retiring While Technician Shortage Continues

What does a rapidly shrinking workforce mean for a booming industry rooted in the fast paced world of cutting-edge technology? The perfect storm is afoot. This is exactly the catastrophe staring down the world of transportation tech. With seasoned technicians retiring at an astounding rate, there are simply not enough individuals trained and ready to take their place.

But fear not! TechForce Foundation is taking great strides to remedy this workforce shortage through its multi-faceted, industry wide initiative, FutureTech SuccessSM.

Watch the video above to hear Jennifer Maher, CEO of TechForce Foundation, explain in depth FutureTech Success, its purpose, and the integral role this initiative has the potential to play in shaping the future of the transportation industry.

Because When Techs Rock, America Rolls.SM

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