Automotive Mechanic Scholarships

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Automotive Mechanic Scholarships

“I enjoy working with my hands and solving problems!”

“I learned from my dad working in our garage and turning wrenches –being a mechanic is what I was born to do!”

“My High School auto shop was the place where I knew I fit in and where I found my passion for my dream career.”

Are you looking to turn your passion into a reality but are hitting a road block due limited funds? If you have financial need, TechForce Foundation scholarships and grants can help you on your way to the automotive or motorcycle training program and career of your dreams! Tuition awards and cash grants can fill the gap in paying for your education and in helping you relocate to start school. Once you’ve enrolled to your postsecondary technical school, check us out and Apply. We’re here to help because we know When Techs Rock, America Rolls!

Diesel Mechanic Scholarships

Our thriving economy depends on the men and women who drive big rigs to transport goods across the country; plow the fields to keep agriculture thriving; and who mine products and build roads using construction equipment, to name a few. Without them and the well-tuned machines they command, commerce would be severely impacted. The strength of this circle continuing depends on highly trained and well qualified diesel mechanics. Those with a diesel career choice have a mindset of:

“Keeping America moving – that’s how I plan to make a difference with my diesel education!”

“I love the sound of a diesel engine tuned to perfection and ready to hit the highway!”

“Being told ‘You’re a 5’2” female, this job isn’t for you’ only made me more determined to prove them wrong! Working on a Cummins engine; that’s my calling and it will be my life!”

If you have the passion to work as a diesel mechanic, but financial need is holding you back, TechForce Foundation can help. Diesel scholarships are available to pay down your tuition and to help you move to the postsecondary school where you’ve enrolled so you can achieve the skills you need to succeed in this rewarding field.

Watch how scholarships helped Shawn and Anthony achieve their goals

Collision and Auto Body Scholarships

General repair is not the only path for technicians in the automotive industry. Collision and auto body repair is a specialized focus in the industry, providing a space for complex problem solving and creative solutions. With thousands of vehicle accidents occurring each day, the need for advanced training and qualifies technicians is on the rise. Take your interest and talents to the next level by pursuing a career in the thriving industry.

If you find yourself excited to learn and work in the collision and restoration industry, don’t let limited funds hold you back. TechForce Foundation is here to help you find automotive technician scholarships that are right for you. These programs can help you pay for your tuition or training opportunities, giving you the chance to grow the skills you need to find your passion.

Scholarships & grants for post-secondary, technical education in the following segments:

  • Automotive
  • Collision Repair
  • Diesel
  • Restoration
  • Marine
  • Motorcycle
  • Motorsports
  • CNC Machining

Just Apply! You Can’t Go Wrong

Are you convinced you’ll be the best mechanic ever? Do you have the passion and drive to complete your education and reach your career goals — regardless of the obstacles life throws your way? Do you have a financial need? If you answered “yes”, TechForce Foundation wants to hear from you! We’re looking for hands-on learners, those gifted with the ability to fix things that cause others to crumble in frustration; those who are confident in their skills but who need training to gain the expertise needed to make it in the automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle or NASCAR industry; those who are 110% committed to seeing their education to the finish line!

If you are that student, share your dreams and plans with TechForce Foundation through an auto technician scholarship and grant application. And do not fear; we won’t grade your paper for grammar, sentence structure or spelling (though we do appreciate a good effort). We ARE interested in what you have to say – write to us like you are speaking to your best friend. The one you’ve poured out your hopes and dreams to – capture that passion and share it with us in your application. Then complete the application process and if you don’t get selected, chin-up; TRY AGAIN!! Life is about moving forward with a determined effort to reach the future you desire. Don’t give up; push forward and positively reach for your goals!

Take Advantage of the Trade School Scholarships Available to You

$8 Million Awarded since our founding! Would you like to be one of the thousands of students who are awarded a TechForce Foundation scholarship or grant? If you would like to join the ranks of those receiving awards ranging from $500-$10,000 then you need to Apply!

Assistance is available to those with financial need, but you have to get in the game. Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back; you’ll never know the outcome of something until you TRY. If you want the education and career of your dreams in the transportation industry, don’t go it alone. You’re willing to make an investment in your future, let us help you. Just like we’ve done for Miguel, David, Robert, Lillie, Darius, Sean, Kolten, Skyler, Isaiah, Timothy, Jacelyn, Alexis, Alan, Ryan, Carlos and the thousands of students like them! What do they all have in common? They Applied!! Once you are enrolled in school, you should Apply too. We look forward to hearing from you and we wish you good fortune and success on your journey.