Abraham pursues aviation tech training with TechForce scholarship​

Aviation student Abraham receives TechForce scholarship

Abraham pursues aviation tech training with TechForce scholarship

Aviation student Abraham receives TechForce scholarship

Abraham has always known that a career in aviation was right for him

“From the moment I was exposed to aviation, I knew it was my calling in this life. I’ve lived close to the airport my entire life and seeing the planes pass above me was always interesting to me. The airline industry is one of those puzzle pieces in my life that I’ve always wanted to fill. Being drawn to how things work and providing an extremely important service to this society is what being a maintenance technician is all about to me.” 

TechForce scholarship allows students to focus on school

Given his future educational goals and their associated costs, Abraham is extremely grateful for the funding given to him via the MIAT Scholarship Education Support grant. He is passionate about the aviation industry, and cannot wait to continue to grow his knowledge and experience in this field.

What's next for Abraham

He is enthusiastic about his current program at MIAT, and he anticipates graduating in October 2022. He is currently working a non-technical job on the ramp at United. He enjoys working closely with the technicians, and is grateful for opportunities to be exposed to their work in aircraft maintenance.

Abraham states, “This is just the beginning for me and I plan on continuously growing within my dream of being in aviation maintenance.”

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