Inside TechForce | April 2024

Leaderboard Challenge
We are in the final weeks of the TechForce Leaderboard Challenge! This month’s prize is a $200 AMEX gift card for the top student and instructor in the network! Coming soon: AN EXCITING announcement about May contests and prizes!! 
Mecum Auctions
VIP tickets are provided exclusively to TechForce classes, students, and instructors. You get priority access to prime viewing areas, ensuring they’re at the forefront of the action! Upcoming summer events include Indy, Tulsa, Kissimmee, and Harrisburg.
Formula Drift 
Thanks to our friends at Acceler8, we have free tickets available to schools, students, and instructors. There is a limited amount available. Get them soon! Upcoming summer events include Orlando, New Jersey, and St. Louis. 
When You’re a Tech Poll 
You’re a tech, you get the same marketing from various places. What phrase makes your eyes roll the most? Rev-Up, Accelerate, Fuel Your, or maybe all of them? See what other techs think inside TechForce. 
2024 Annual Campaign
Currently, TechForce can only fund 1 out of 4 technical students who need financial support.
Your donation to TechForce helps provide scholarships to students with real financial need. 🚚🔧
TechForce is a non-profit 501(c)(3) funded by donations from individuals, corporations and foundations. Gifts are 100% tax deductible.
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