The 1st Humble Mechanic Scholarship

I'Rule Faison Receives 1st Scholarship From The Humble Mechanic

I’Rule says, “I am passionate about pursuing a technical education simply because I have always loved cars, solving problems and bringing things I think about into reality. My grandfather used to drag race cars and would tell me stories about all the cars he had beaten in his 1971 Ford Torino Cobra. Over time I got more interested in how cars worked. I ultimately decided I would get an automotive technical degree so that I could have the knowledge to fix cars to help people, or even to do amazing alterations to cars. I have a fascinating imagination when it comes to cars and I’ve always wanted the ability to turn my imagination into a reality. My dream career is to bring not only my own, but also other people’s imaginations to a reality when it comes to cars. I want to be able to turn a naturally aspirated engine/vehicle into a turbocharged engine/vehicle and change an economy vehicle into a racing car.”

I’Rule has enjoyed beginning to work on cars. He says, “The first oil change that I performed on my own car was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Though it was an older Honda Civic, I had never done an oil change before and had never touched a vehicle before. I wanted to save money by not going to a dealership but also gather my own experience as well. After I gathered the parts that I needed, I prepared my jack and two jack stands for a simple oil change. But I realized after I drained the oil from the oil pan, “What am I going to take the filter off with?” Thinking on my toes, I remembered that my mother had some channel lock pliers sitting in our laundry room. I ran in the house to get the channel lock pliers and tried to get a good grip on the oil filter. Unfortunately, the angle that I was grasping the filter made it hard to twist but I continued on for what seemed like hours slowly twisting the filter off until finally it came off. I was ecstatic as I replaced the old filter with a brand-new filter. After putting oil in my car, I felt so accomplished knowing that I performed my first oil change without any experience and lacking the proper tools.” 

He has continued working on cars, now in his place of employment. “After I moved to North Carolina to attend NASCAR Technical Institute, I immediately got a job at a Toyota dealership. I learned the ropes of doing oil changes and tire rotations. I also learned how to get settled in a bustling and loud work environment and get work done efficiently as well. I am currently working at an Infiniti dealership where I have learned mounting and balancing of tires, alignments, brake jobs, working on used cars for people to buy by determining the problems they had when they arrived and fixing them.”

Especially as a fan of the Humble Mechanic, I’Rule was excited to learn that he was awarded the Humble Mechanic Scholarship. He is so thankful for this financial assistance, so he can more fully focus on his education and future career goals.