Announcing Roger Penske Outstanding Student Award winner


Congratulations to Joel McCallister (representing UTI-Orlando) –  winner of the Roger Penske Outstanding Student Award!


“From my very first class at UTI, I have done my very best in all things. And for this reason, I have excelled,” writes Joel.  Joel is newly-graduated, having earned 19 Student of the Course awards during his Automotive & Diesel Technology II + Ford FACT program that began at UTI-Dallas/Fort Worth and culminated at UTI-Orlando.


Passionate about being a team player, Joel is respected by both students and instructors.  One remarked, “He has demonstrated a true passion and commitment to advancing his career.” While at UTI-DallasFort Worth, Joel was honored to participate in a round-table discussion on campus with Senator Colin Allred (TX).


The Penske Outstanding Student Award recognizes students dedicated to succeeding in the automotive/diesel service industry who have demonstrated the ability to assist other students to do the same.


Thane Molne (UTI- Rancho Cucamonga) and James Sheridon (NASCAR Tech) were runners-up.


Congratulations, Joel!


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