Conor is pursuing his passion thanks to TechForce’s Veterans At Work: Military Transition Fund

How Technician & Navy Veteran Conor Went Pipeline to Placement and Beyond with TechForce

“Pursuing a technical education has set part of the foundation of my life,” says Conor. “I started working on classic Fords from day one with my family. Later things got difficult and we were very poor. When I was 13, I worked doing oil changes, brakes, and cleaning to help pay the bills. When I was 14, I moved to a dairy farm and it changed my life. I did all sorts of dirty jobs, but my favorite was the shop where we worked on the equipment. I became the neighborhood mechanic.”

Wrenching Through Difficult Times

After high school, Conor joined the Navy where he got to work on airplanes. Unfortunately, his military career took a left turn when he suffered a shattered ankle. “I was put in a limited-duty status that didn’t allow me to do my job, so I turned back to flipping cars to make extra money.”

Now on an honorable medical discharge, and a father of three with a fourth baby on the way, he’s had multiple surgeries including one that resulted in having his ankle fused. “That still didn’t stop me from working on things,” he says. “Mechanics has always provided me with joy and an ability to combat depression. I love turning on music and wrenching on anything. The sense of accomplishment when the job is done makes me feel great.”

Transitioning into the Civilian Workforce with Help from TechForce Donors

In 2021 Conor decided to pursue his passion and started his technical education. He soon after discovered TechForce, joined the Network and received a relocation grant through the Veterans At Work: Military Transition Fund – Sunstate Equipment grant.

Thanks to support from generous donors who believe everyone should have a chance to succeed, Conor was able to move with his family closer to school.

Conor is thriving today

“It’s great that TechForce is bringing awareness to the industry. There are so many other technical options and opportunities for people who aren’t interested in going to a traditional college. TechForce has been really helpful with my education and their Network is an excellent resource with a great community of industry people, tutorial videos, upcoming events, and even fun things like trivia.”

TechForce was able to help connect Conor with Sunstate Equipment, where he was hired as a technician. “I am excited for the chance to work at Sunstate. There are so many opportunities for growth plus, they really appreciate and take care of their employees. I am very thankful to TechForce for helping me land this job.”

Conor recently reflected on his experience with TechForce Foundation, “TechForce is an unbelievable free resource and it has been a big help throughout my entire process from school to career. I will recommend TechForce to other people and I’ll definitely keep using its Network while I finish my education and throughout my career.”

About TechForce Scholarships

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