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TechForce makes it easy for future technicians to apply for scholarships. Check out our step-by-step guide.

“TechForce connected me to scholarships, apprenticeships, mentors and jobs. I am so grateful for help in fast-tracking my career. ”

Jeremy T., Recipient TechForce/ Snap-on Relocation Grant

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Types of Support

Tuition scholarships support financially-disadvantaged high school graduates, career-changing adults and Veterans pursue a post-secondary  education in auto, aviation, collision, diesel, marine, motorcycle, motorsports, restoration, welding and emerging technologies.

Life Happens emergency funds aid students experiencing a sudden, financial crisis and need help to stay in school. No matter how much we plan or how hard we work, sometimes life just happens!

Strong Start relocation grants help students with financial need get their bearings when starting technical school by covering relocation and moving costs, startup expenses, such as utility and security deposits, and first month’s rent and food.

TechForce Foundation stock and operates emergency food pantries and provides short-term, petty cash emergency relief for students experiencing sudden hardship.

Pedal to the Metal grants assist soon-to-graduate, post-secondary technical students with tuition scholarships and relocation grants to pursue advanced-training they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Grants to Veterans who served honorably in the US Military and wish to transition their skills into technician jobs at home. Grants bridge the gaps that their VA  benefits don’t cover.

We honor those In Memoriam:

Andrew Carl SliwinskiWilliam “Willy” Bertoti Terry Emig John F. Weinberger Andrew VanGorder Justin E. Beutel John E. Leao II Bobby Bove Daniel W. Gruber John & Helga Garofalo Jerry W. Reynolds Sr. Matthew W. Madole Brienne Davis Richard “Pup” Conklin Douglas Wendell Duszynski

In Memoriam Tributes

Honor the legacy of a loved one by establishing a scholarship fund In memoriam and having friends and family contribute. This a wonderful way to celebrate their life and passion, while paying it forward to financially-struggling students.

Common Questions

A TechForce scholarship (or cash grant) is a financial award to aid you in paying for the cost of your education. It does not require repayment.  TechForce scholarships are privately funded by our partners, meaning the funds come from corporate and individual donors – not the government.  It’s expected our scholarships are added to any other financial support you receive.

No – Joining TechForce is free and you’ll find valuable resources about a technician career, jobs and scholarships!

TechForce Foundation is a national nonprofit corporation, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity.  Our Board of Directors has established the Minimum Eligibility Requirements for students:


  1. Be a U.S. citizen,  a permanent resident or approved DACA status; 
  2. Have a high school diploma or GED;
  3. Be an enrolled future student — or — an active, current student in good standing at a post-secondary, accredited educational institution offering a vehicle technician curriculum;
  4. Must demonstrate financial hardship by having a completed and approved FAFSA on record at campus (or other financial-need based evidence, if using DACA status) available for review by the Foundation; 
  5. Applicants must also meet any requirements posted for specific scholarships or grants offered by the Foundation (such as minimum GPA, start date, school program, etc.)
  • Email:  Use the Contact Us form on this website to send a message, including your school name, student ID# and the issue you’re having.  We’ll get back to you typically within 2 business days.
  • School Staff:   Ask your campus Student Services department – they have a wealth of information and experience assisting students. 
  • TechForce Network Issues:  Click the chat box circle on the lower right of any TechForce Network page to connect to the Help Desk.

Call us Toll Free:   Our number is (866) 519-6923.  If we don’t pickup (we’re a small crew!), leave a message along with your Student ID#, the issue you are having, and a call back number.  We’ll get back to you, typically within 2 business days.

Yes – TechForce Foundation scholarships are need-based as determined by your completed and approved FAFSA for the current school year. If you are DACA status, we will consider other need-based evidence provided to your school.

Create a profile in the TechForce Network, our free online career hub, and click on Scholarships. You’ll find a video and tips to help you apply.

Yes, TechForce receives donations through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #70172) for Veterans.  Many donors also give specifically to help certain groups of people, such as women or people with learning differences. Follow the standard application process and you will be automatically matched to these opportunities.

Login to your scholarship portal through TechForce and check!  Make sure to review the Award Cycles and Decision Days calendar first to make sure it’s decision time – we run different cycles throughout the year.

Download Award Cycles and Decision Days here.

We run new cycles all year long and you can apply for all you’re qualified for!  So Login to TechForce often; you don’t want to miss out on something new!

TechForce has awarded millions in scholarships since our start, but there is not enough money for everyone.  So keep trying – we’re always raising new money and we love persistence!

Yes – After you apply for TechForce support, look for our list of other organizations to see external opportunities from credible partners we work with. You can also check with your school for other sources.

The most common reasons are:

  • Email account:  Use your PERSONAL email address – the one that is on file with your school.
  • Password:   If you can’t remember your password, from the Login page, click “Forgot your password” and follow the process to reset your password.
  • Account Confirmation Not Completed – Make sure you have confirmed your account.  Check your SPAM/JUNK folder if you have not seen the email confirmation link. 

Ways You Can Help Students


100% of TechForce's scholarship recipients are financially-disadvantaged, meaning their estimated family contribution (EFC) is less than $30,000 a year. The average tuition scholarship is $2,500 to $3,500, and is proven to make the difference between someone starting and not starting school.

Donors contributing $10,000+ annually may establish a Named Scholarship Fund, receive thank you notes from students and quarterly impact reports. Smaller donations go towards our Greatest Need scholarship and grant pools.

Interested in donating funds to support scholarships and grants?  Donate now or contact us.


Ready to say goodbye to a car, RV or boat? Donate it to TechForce so we can turn it into dollars to support students pursuing their technical education and our workforce development programs.

TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), supports students in their education and careers as professional auto, aviation, collision, diesel, marine, motorcycle, motorcycle, restoration, welding, evolving technologies and other types of technicians. Your car donation will fund the technical education, career development and lives of future tech students.

TechForce partners with Car Donation Wizard so you can donate a car, RV, boat or other vehicle today by clicking the button below or calling 1-877-957-2277.


When a loved one passes, many families choose to establish a scholarship or grant fund in their name. Friends and family are asked to donate to this fund in lieu of flowers and as a way to honor the passion of their loved one.

Are you interested in establishing a memorial scholarship or grant in memoriam of someone? Learn more by downloading our In Memoriam Scholarship & Grants Brochure

To open a fund, please contact Lisa Mattke at


Support students with your in-kind donations, such as gift cards for groceries or living expenses, gas cards, car repairs & replacement tires, work tools, and other donated goods and services.  Also, donate equipment, training aids, vehicles, engines, safety gear and consumables via TechForce to high schools in order to provide students with a quality, educational experience. TechForce handles the intake and distribution of in-kind donations to schools, as well. 

A minimum $5,000 fair market value is required to process in-kind donations.

Feel free to submit your donation ideas to us using this online form. A TechForce associate will call you to discuss the details. 

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"By connecting students, instructors, industry pros and working techs, the TechForce Foundation provides unilateral support to the transportation industry’s technician recruiting needs… The administration of our Scholarships by the TechForce team has been instrumental in delivering us with a successful method to gain interest from qualified candidates as well as provide our students with additional assistance to complete their education."
Tony Farr
Ford Technical Programs Manager