Because I'm A Tech...

Because I'm a Tech...

Because I’m a Tech… is our annual, career exploration campaign that invites working techs to share with students, parents and counselors the benefits they’ve enjoyed in choosing the technician profession. From job security, compensation, work/life balance and the joy of helping people to the ability to live and work anywhere, and career advancement choices, these techs dispel outdated stigmas and share what it’s really like to be a tech today.

This campaign is held in late August through Labor Day to recognize what we’ve done to “labor” in America. Over the last 30 years, we, as a country, have trashed the skilled trades and technical education. Now we’re paying the price in massive workforce shortages. The irony is that the days of the shade tree mechanic are gone. This “new collar career” is high-tech, in high demand, and paying incredibly well as one masters their craft and expertise. 

The technician profession is a STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) career and the future of electrification, automation and alt fuels makes it more exciting than ever to be in the a technician.

Technicians Share the Benefits
of Being a Tech

Meet Enrique Torres

Enrique prefers working under the hood as opposed to working behind a desk. Working with his hands, fixing vehicles so the customer is safe on the road.

Meet Nelly Colon

Nelly may be a certified Nissan Master Technician in #EV #diesel & #GTR today, but that wasn't always the plan. Hear about her journey.

Meet Charles Sanville

The Humble Mechanic shares an insight about his journey of why he is a technician.

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"By connecting students, instructors, industry pros and working techs, the TechForce Foundation provides unilateral support to the transportation industry’s technician recruiting needs… The administration of our Scholarships by the TechForce team has been instrumental in delivering us with a successful method to gain interest from qualified candidates as well as provide our students with additional assistance to complete their education."
Tony Farr
Ford Technical Programs Manager