Austin’s technician dream is closer than ever thanks to TechForce scholarships

Scholarship recipient Austin wears a grey hoodie with a sports car printed on the front.

TechForce scholarship brings Austin's technician dreams closer than ever

by TechForce Staff

Meet Austin, a TechForce scholarship recipient studying to become an automotive technician in the United States.

Our staff had an opportunity to hear from Austin the role his parents, peers and mentors played in his decision to become a technician, and his plans for a career in the future of mobility.

Scholarship recipient Austin wears a grey hoodie with a sports car printed on the front.

Discovering a Passion for Automotive

Austin always had a knack for getting hands-on. “Growing up I always enjoyed doing things hands-on. Any sport I played I would pick up very quickly. When I got to high school, I found a group of friends that enjoyed cars like I did. I would always help them do work on cars, like modifying suspensions or just doing just basic oil changes. That is when I knew that this was the type of work I had been looking for.”

Developing Skills and Confidence to Apply Them

“[Once I got] my own car, I was always tinkering with things and looking for ways to… make it how I wanted it. I had even gotten to the point where my parents felt confident enough to let me do small things to their cars like changing the brake pads,” said Austin.

“It was such a great feeling to know that I could do something with the skills I learned… I also helped my girlfriend’s family with one of their cars. It had sat unused for several years and I wanted to bring it back to life… it was definitely a steep challenge. Eventually, I figured out what needed to be done. I put the car back together and it started perfectly.”

“It took a lot for me to overcome a task that I was unfamiliar with, but I stayed committed and in the end, I figured it out. I have been driving that car around for the past year and it’s a great car – the first project car I brought back to life!”

Mentors Helped Austin Pursue his Passion Professionally

Although Austin had a knack and a love for working under the hood, he didn’t initially consider it as a career. In fact, it was his parents who first suggested that Austin consider working professionally as a technician.

“After working at a few jobs in the restaurant industry, transportation, and tourism, my parents asked, ‘Why don’t you just become a mechanic?’ They could always see how excited I was to work on my car.”

Eventually, it was a mentor who also went to technical school that convinced Austin to do what he loves. “[A] neighbor of mine had previously gone to Technical School. He really enjoyed the program and he seems to be very successful. He basically told me that if this is really my passion, I need to go for it because he could tell that I will really enjoy this kind of work too. I decided to attend Technical School, and I can’t wait for the future to come!”

Mentors Helped Austin Pursue his Passion Professionally

Austin is excited to have received a TechForce Foundation Tuition Scholarship, and he’s thrilled to be beginning an advanced training program. Technician training is an expensive undertaking, and Austin is grateful to have received the financial assistance will make it easier to achieve his goals!

As for his plans after school? “Once I finish school I can progress, get my ASE certifications and become a journeyman technician.”

About TechForce Scholarships

A TechForce scholarship (or cash grant) is a financial award to aid students in paying for the cost of their technical education. It does not require repayment. TechForce scholarships are privately funded by our partners, meaning the funds come from corporate and individual donors – not the government. It’s expected our scholarships are added to any other financial support you receive.

TechForce Foundation will award over $2.3 Million in 2023 to students in transportation technician programs around the country. Eligible technician programs include automotive, aviation, collision repair, diesel on- & off-road, motorcycle, marine & watercraft, restoration, welding, CNC and more!

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